California Here We Coooooooome

Here’s the Anna’s reference in case you miss it: In the 2000’s there was this show called The OC about teenage drama in the Orange County. I actually never saw it, but it was almost a soap opera. Anyway this is the theme song, ergo the tittle of the strip.

(Also if you have time, watch the finale of season two and inmediately after look at this. I love it soooo much)

  1. Wow, jerk move, mouse.

    Believe it or not, the only reason I know that ending is because I was aware of the meme with that song, saw a mod for a game that played that when you’re killed, learned of the SNL sketch, from there learned that it was a parody of the season finale.

    What a maze of learning that was.

    • Hahaha welp, Michelle methods are… questionable heheh.
      And same, I actually saw dear sister first and then, like years later, I realized it was a parody of the OC. Now I can’t watch that season finale with a straight face

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