1. Will this be a romantic comedy of errors? I think it will be a romantic comedy of errors. Keyword being romantic.
    And I have a question, has Jordi dated before? I’m not sure if it was mentioned(likely it was and I just forgot), but I do know he’s one of the few of the crew without some lovin’, and he needs it.

    • I am a sucker for romantic comedies so that should give you a hint…

      And that’s a great question! It has been stated that he did dated someone with a french sounding name, but that was before season 1 apparently, and he and Becca dated for a very short ammount of time, but there are not much details about that either (yet)… and neither of them really count that as a romantic relationship hahahah… but then again, we’ll learn more about it somewhere in the future

      • Oooh I see.
        Also, is that Anna in that first strip you linked? Did we get foreshadowing all the way back then?!

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