Agent Jordan

Maybe Jordan will become an agent (she won’t)

  1. Jordan looks so cute with her blushing face, though like everyone else, it’s making me wonder if she has some other motives to spending time with her all day. Side note, did we ever learn her name?

    • Ulterior motives? Whaaaat? Nooooo… maybe. And yes!, her name is Caroline. Her name was reveales in the previous strip’s description

  2. Like Tony Hawk? If anything that his video games have taught me is that it’s easy to break yourself, whether intentional or not, but always resulting in painful humor.
    Btw, I actually never played any of his games. I actually watched a few videos that Markiplier played with his friends.

    • Hahaha, like a Tony Hawk that just needs to move from point A to point B! And I think I played some of them for PSOne 🤔

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