1. What’s this? The characters in this comic are being mature adults?? UNACCEPTABLE!!!

    Jokes aside, it is actually refreshing to see Rick being portrayed something other than an evil mastermind or opponent; it shows your characters are multi-faceted and well developed.

    Also… did you mean “the further away he is” in the last panel?

    • Thanks! I’m suuuper glad that you liked the how the strip develops. And agreed, it was needed to show that Rick ain’t evil, we just always catch him when he’s against our group of friends.
      (Also super thanks for the correction, I knew that farest ain’t a word… yup I knew that. Totally.)

  2. Cause for concern when people are only nice when things are going well for them. Aware of an episode of Bravestarr, guy was really cordial to his opponents when he beat them. After he lost, he went into a murderous rampage.

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