A New Day

We start SEASON 3!!! And also big announcement, we’re on INSTAGRAM! We are uploading one strip a day until IG catches up with the site. And not only that, Instagram opens a lot of possibilities, we can post sketches on Stories, use IG Live for art streams or Q&A’s, we could even do AMA’s with the characters, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLEEESSS. Go and give us a follow!

(And if you dig a little, you’ll find my personal profile. Spoiler alert: It’s not impressive, I almost never post and rarely do stories).

Also, Happy new year !



  1. That’s a big window.

    “Memories” huh? Oooboi, this gon be a flashback arc about Gareth? Oh snap is this our first full on Gareth arc? 😀

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