Common Interests


Weird Distance Feelings

Officially introducing James Andrews, Zoé's [...]

Street Parking

This strip is kind of an epilogue to the last strip [...]

Dom’s Support

This is what he brings to the table. Btw, panel 1 might be one of my favorites from all season [...]

Backup Fox


Driver’s Pick

The songs that are playing are All day and all of the night and Victoria, both by The [...]

I Drive

I don't sit in while you're running it down. I don't carry a gun. I [...]

Zoe Looks For A Ride

Alrighty, it's set [...]

A Call For Advice

If you don't know what an onlyfans is, you can always use google [...]

Important Calls Are Made

Disclaimer: One of the rules of writing is write what you know. So, the two biggest universities in Cartmill City, The Cartmill University Of Art and Sciences [...]