The Guilty

Wow, who saw that one coming? Nobody. Except like 90% of [...]

Not Elm Street

Too much 8 panel strips... have to step it down a  bit hahahah Please go here and read about how you can help us land a nomination for the Ursa Major [...]

Sax Attack

SAXOPHOOOONEEEE Hey, please go here and read about how you can help us get the Ursa Major Awards nomination for best [...]

Getting Out Of Hand

Did I go too far? Probably. Let's discuss. On another note, please help us land the Ursa Major Award nomination. Go here, follow the instructions and help [...]

It’s Who You Know

I'm suuuuper excited for this arc, I hope you stick with [...]

Over Him

YES, I'm reusing the [...]

Why Is He Here?

Zoé: What is RF doing in my place? Coach: Romulo, no cellphones in the locker room Romulo: In theory I'm not in the locker room heheh, 3 minutos I [...]

Cecil Answers The Door

Some weeks ago the FriendsYASW twitter account posted THIS, maybe you'd want to give it a quick [...]

Destiny’s Ways

Arc is over! I'm having some PC problems, I'll try to have the strips as regular as I can. Last arc of the season is next! I've been hinting what it'll be [...]

At The End Of The Day, Friends

YES THEY'RE OUT. A couple of things, in case you haven't check our twitter, LOOK at this amazing Jordi Pop that my friend Charlie gave me for my birthday! [...]