Hello! So this one was supposed to be a double strip BUT I decided to split it in two. And the second part is quite different, you'll see, and I want it to [...]

Prescriptions and Encryptions

We're like the cool kids and we're on Instagram. So you can be cool too by following us! Yes, that's the only way to be [...]

Late Night Match

Ryan Fonte, young tennis player. Guess we'll never see how he looks li- here you go. Another athlete, but well, he'll never appear in the comic... [...]

End Of Season 2

Wow... 2 years... 2 seasons gone by... And all I have to say is thank you. You let me have the chance to tell these stories, thank you for reading them and for [...]

Xmas in November?

The most magical time of the year starts in december [...]

You Were On The List

Hello, 3 things I wanted to say: This is the 100th appearance of Jordi in Friends YASW! Our first friend in reaching this mark I know this arc may seem [...]

You May Be On The List

Quick reminder, this is a PG-13 [...]

You Are Not On The List

For the first time ever, an otter and a rabbit. As people on the [...]

Cat Videos