Jenga Time

It's easy, you tie one hand with one from your partner and then you make the best of it [...]

Now You Draw It!

I spent so much time on this strip. Like. A lot. If there's something wrong, like a typo, don't tell me. I'll eventually see it. I'm [...]


Today's strip is named in honor of J Balvin's album, [...]

Friendly No More

Let the games... [...]

Big Discoveries

Would you believe me if  I'd tell you that red is actually not my favorite [...]


I just created the word uninvitations. Also, we'll get to whatever Dan saw in the previous strip, we'll get [...]

No Move

Remember Bryan? Well he has a name now. It's Bryan. Don't get too attached tho. We won't be seeing much of Bryan. Dan words, not mine. Not that Bryan [...]

Written Media


At The End Of Night

What are they dancing to? I dunno, to whatever you think they should be shacking it at! In other news, we didn't land a nomination for the UMAs. So if [...]

Back To Where We Left Things At

Click here if you want to know how to help us land a nomination for the UMAs! Aaaaaand we're back [...]