Team Picture

Yes, they're the Eight-Floorers Football [...]

The Perks Of Having Contacts

Btw, this isn't the uniform that Danny design, it's a template from the brand. Also back in 2017 I made an "ad" of Romulo with this brand, go here if you want [...]

First Practice

Ok ok, the team is complete. To the next [...]

Technically Good Deeds

Look who's back!... He doesn't remember what was it like to have money [...]

What Is Reality?

A new arc starts [...]

Don’t Ruin The Bar

Heeeeeeeey, I want to give a shout out to this comic I recently discovered called Bridge by Butchicky, it's a new webcomic which is just beginning. It's [...]

The Path

It looks like Danny was copy-and-pasted in panels 3 & 4, he wasn't [...]


Gareth learned how not to look suspicious by looking as suspicious as possible. Thanks for [...]


Hello! So this one was supposed to be a double strip BUT I decided to split it in two. And the second part is quite different, you'll see, and I want it to [...]