It’s Who You Know

I'm suuuuper excited for this arc, I hope you stick with [...]

Over Him

YES, I'm reusing the [...]

Why Is He Here?

Zoé: What is RF doing in my place? Coach: Romulo, no cellphones in the locker room Romulo: In theory I'm not in the locker room heheh, 3 minutos I [...]

Cecil Answers The Door

Some weeks ago the FriendsYASW twitter account posted THIS, maybe you'd want to give it a quick [...]

Destiny’s Ways

Arc is over! I'm having some PC problems, I'll try to have the strips as regular as I can. Last arc of the season is next! I've been hinting what it'll be [...]

At The End Of The Day, Friends

YES THEY'RE OUT. A couple of things, in case you haven't check our twitter, LOOK at this amazing Jordi Pop that my friend Charlie gave me for my birthday! [...]

Oh yeah, him too

Dan is also there, but you know that [...]

Brunch with B of Bettrayal

This is Zoe's 100th appearance! Also, I've been thinking about maybe doing an AMA section where you, the reader, can ask members of the cast stuff and [...]

RomCom bad guy


Past Examples

Our friend Merlin did this piece of Helena for us, go and see it, it's beautiful! Go like, RT and follow her! She's amazing And this is the HIMYM [...]