(Is it super clear thet between panel 3 and 4 they went up? Through the hatch of the previous strip? I thinkt it's [...]

The Key: Origins

You know... this arc is longer than I expected it to be.... anyway, the conclusion is [...]

The Key To Success


Bad Disguises (Both Of Them)

Remember in Captin America: The Winter Soldier how cap used terrible disguises, like anyone could recognize him? ... [...]

And The Next Destination Is

I officially declare the bookshelf gag, [...]

If You Blink…


Deus Ex Window

If you wonder who was talking in which panel, here's the order Panel 1: Becca then Helena Panel 2: Zoé then Jordan Panel 3: Jordan then Becca (if [...]

Another Contender

Look who is back! (if you're a little lost with who's Rick, we recommend you to read arc 06-The [...]