Celebration Dedications

It's the <3 [...]

The Rapinoe

What's the Rapinoe celebration? Well, you can find about it here and here Btw, tomorrow tuesday July 2nd the semifinals of the Women's World Cup are [...]

The Game Starts

We're in the endgame now Btw, Rick's team uniform is inspired in FC Barcelona´s third kit of last season. So each time you see it, imagine that [...]

Warming Up

Is the dancing pose [...]

A Tale Of Tails

I should draw more [...]

More Results


First Results Are In

By the way, right now the U-20 World Cup is happening in Poland, Costa Rica didn't qualify, but still is fun to [...]

Team Picture

Yes, they're the Eight-Floorers Football [...]

Technically Good Deeds

Look who's back!... He doesn't remember what was it like to have money [...]