Mah Drink!

Look what you did! hey, it's thta time of the year! Help us land a nomination for the 2020 Ursa Major Awards! Read all about it [...]

Video Presentation

In my imagination, this bands vibe is like a dance-pop kind of sound, the best way I can describe it is with an example. So their sound would be something like [...]

She’s on the Guest List

I wonder which band is this event for... which band could this one be? Oh well, we'll find [...]

Party Trick

Ok, a few things: 1. There's a couple of cameos in today's strip. Panel 2, the last 2 on the left. First we have Mau, the OC of my friend and fellow artist [...]

Popped Bubble

Remember, next update on [...]

Local Markets

Hope you like the strip, I spent a lot of time doing the backgrounds! Btw, Romulo drives a Range Rover [...]

Ideas From The Outside

I think this is the first time I put like a full speech bubble in a characters [...]

Rivalries: The Rise Of: Origins

I love long tittles. just a couple of strips more of this arc! remember, if you want you can nominate us for a Ringo Award in the best webcomic category! [...]

2 Team 2 Bonding

A direct sequel to the previous Team Bonding strip. Don't drink too much kids. btw this is the 25th strip of this arc, it reached Dont B(r)other as the [...]

Is This Your Route?

I tried something simpler for the bus background, not sure if it actually worked... since this was a very long strip for me to make I tried simpler backgrounds [...]