They’re Here

Well well [...]

Watch The Water

She can't just say " because they're my brother and grandpa", it's just... no. ALSO, according to what I investigated (by watching a movie) PASS it's what [...]

The Dinner Night Begins

Alright, we pick things up some days later! What will happen this evening? We'll [...]

Dinner Appointments

Part 1 of Hel(l)'s Kitchen is over. Part 2 will start immediatly after! Look who it is! Tim! Remember him? No, oh ok, it's Dom's brother. We only saw [...]

Who To Fear

WHO IS [...]

No Higher Ups

Wait [...]

Should I Stay or Should I Go

I wonder what is happening in the coming [...]

Window Snooping

What did he see??? ... Well I know. You'll have to [...]

Have You Tried The Frittatas?

I mean, have you tried [...]

At The End Of Night

What are they dancing to? I dunno, to whatever you think they should be shacking it at! In other news, we didn't land a nomination for the UMAs. So if [...]