Halftime Time

(Werder Bremen is another german team that plays in green... from the city of Bremen) ------------------------------------------------------------ You kow [...]

Meeting New Friends

Do you remember how I said at the beginning of the arc I wanted to dig more into one relationship? This is that relationship hehehe Also, they're wearing [...]

Paint Center

Well, the recruiting [...]

It Finally Strikes

Those people in panel 5? No idea who they are, but somehow they [...]

Becca’s Guide To Having A Fun Night

Remember to drink responsibly. And don't drink and drive. And it's perfectly ok to not like [...]


INFO about how to help the comic get nominated, HERE. Best Kanye album in my [...]

A Shiny Star

Just a couple more strips to wrap up the arc. Be sure to check the comic on wednesday and friday! (And season finally strip on [...]

Family on the Phone

FINALLY. This strip took ages to finish! Like, it's the one that has taken me the most this season! I really hope you enjoy it, it took a lot of work on this [...]

The Strategy is Played

Alright everybody, let's start wrapping this [...]