INFO about how to help the comic get nominated, HERE. Best Kanye album in my [...]

A Shiny Star

Just a couple more strips to wrap up the arc. Be sure to check the comic on wednesday and friday! (And season finally strip on [...]

Family on the Phone

FINALLY. This strip took ages to finish! Like, it's the one that has taken me the most this season! I really hope you enjoy it, it took a lot of work on this [...]

The Strategy is Played

Alright everybody, let's start wrapping this [...]

Very Bussy Night

Keep your [...]

Taking Orders

I mean, I would eat what an inspector is eating too, it should be [...]

They’re Here

Well well [...]

Watch The Water

She can't just say " because they're my brother and grandpa", it's just... no. ALSO, according to what I investigated (by watching a movie) PASS it's what [...]

The Dinner Night Begins

Alright, we pick things up some days later! What will happen this evening? We'll [...]