Crazy Ideas That Might Not Be That Crazy

All that name thing was wierd... it's probably nothing In other news, last saturday the winners of the Ursa Major Awards were announced, we didn't win [...]

Everyone, Go To This Address

This is Jordan's ONE HUNDRED APPEARANCE!!! Actually, that's why she didn't appear in previous strips, I wanted her 100th strip to be more than a background [...]

Real Questions Are Asked

That's what the arc is about! It's the story of how they ended up living there! This issue was adressed here and here in season 1, I think it is time for us to [...]

Alone Together in the Rooftop

Heeey, so I just wanted to say that take care of yourselfs. Don't go out unless you have to. Wash your hands properly, sneeze and cough according to the [...]

Some Answers Are Given

That's a lot of yellow text... and who gives that as a present for their friends? Me. I gave them all framed pictures of me. And they all have them. Except [...]

It’s not you, It’s me drinking those

Voting for the Ursa Major Awards is OPEN! More Info here! Vote for [...]

TV Appearance

That's his coach and his mom Something amazing happened! We landed the nomination for the Ursa Major Awards!! Thanks sooo much for nominating us! Now the [...]

New Fresh Strategy

Jordi is still processing the whole sliding [...]

Bar Surfing

Bar Sliding didn't sound as good ya' [...]

No New Notifications

Who does that? Well I do, and I recommend it! Silence you notifications, chats, twitter, wassap, it's super stress free! And I'm always checking my phone, so [...]