Game Time

And just like that, she has Dom's table as [...]

They’re Here

Well well [...]

Watch The Water

She can't just say " because they're my brother and grandpa", it's just... no. ALSO, according to what I investigated (by watching a movie) PASS it's what [...]

More Attendees

Look! It's Bertrand! Of course he had to be here today. And officially introducing Bertie's and Jordan grandfather, Pops, or Mr Hartford! (and just to be super [...]

Other Things Are Also Happening

Other stories are happening as well đŸ‘€ In case you were wondering, this conversation is happening while THIS was [...]

Pirellin Stars

A couple of things I wanna talk about: A tire company making the most prestigius restaurant guide in the world? What was I thinking? Well it's actually [...]

A Calmed Tuesday

So in my head, they (the restaurant) start their week on tuesday's, monday's is the place is always [...]

Worst Case Scenario

Disclaimer: This joke was inspired from a Gordon's Ramsey sketch, you can see it HERE. So I was talking to a friend of mine, Mau, and he said to me "You [...]

The Pusher

And that's her side of the [...]

Who To Fear

WHO IS [...]