Taking The Streets

I really hate that song. Then why did I use it? yes. Also, it's the first time we get to see Becca in [...]

You Can’t Work Here

Yes, the café where Jordi works is called Hartford's! And that's Bertrands lastname, coincidence? No. (The Hartford family owns a lot of buildings on [...]

Everything But That

This is a terrible day for [...]

Her Brother

Officially introducing: Bertrand Hartford, Jordan's older brother. Also, new [...]

The End Of The Game Night

Thanks for [...]

The Final Results Are…

And we enter the third and final act of the [...]

Road To The Final

Never underestimate your [...]

Cloudy Feelings

In case you're wondering, Becca has been wanting to do a game night since [...]

Jenga Time

It's easy, you tie one hand with one from your partner and then you make the best of it [...]