Underground Level

BIG shout out to artist Merlin-The-Bruce who draw an AMAZING headshot of Jordi! It's super good. Go watch [...]

And The Next Destination Is

I officially declare the bookshelf gag, [...]

Deus Ex Window

If you wonder who was talking in which panel, here's the order Panel 1: Becca then Helena Panel 2: Zoé then Jordan Panel 3: Jordan then Becca (if [...]

Another Contender

Look who is back! (if you're a little lost with who's Rick, we recommend you to read arc 06-The [...]

Those Intriguin Thoughts


What Is It?


Super Effective Hit


TV and Order… And Law… And Order

Couple of things. First, no, this isn´t an endorsement for Law & Order SVU, this strip was inspired in my personal experience with the show. I was [...]

Found One For You!

ONE HUNDRES STRIPS! Wow guys, we've reached this first milestone. After this we'll have 2 more strips and then the end of Season 1! It's been a long way, I'm [...]

Excessive Use Of Force. 10 Yard Penalty

REMINDER: Theres a NEW INCENTIVE in the TWC Voting stuff, so you can go an vote and see this very holiday-sy [...]