Click here if you want to know how to help us land a nomination for the UMAs! In case you're wondering what Michelle said to Anna, you might want to re [...]

Back To Where We Left Things At

Click here if you want to know how to help us land a nomination for the UMAs! Aaaaaand we're back [...]

Mah Drink!

Look what you did! hey, it's thta time of the year! Help us land a nomination for the 2020 Ursa Major Awards! Read all about it [...]

Video Presentation

In my imagination, this bands vibe is like a dance-pop kind of sound, the best way I can describe it is with an example. So their sound would be something like [...]

Listen To Scientists

And it starts!!! Season 5 is starting! And just look who is in the first strip of the YEAR. (happy new year everyone). You remember them right? of course you [...]

Destiny’s Ways

Arc is over! I'm having some PC problems, I'll try to have the strips as regular as I can. Last arc of the season is next! I've been hinting what it'll be [...]

Adapted Script by Jordan Phillips

One more strip and this arc is finished! And with it the whole Rivalries arc! And this is Helena's ONE HUNDRED appearance! Yay to her! She's the 5th member [...]

Another Day Saved by the TV

Remeber Alex? Danny's brother? Yeeeah you do. This was the last time we saw them! Also, what is Dereck watching? Well Bluey of course! It's this australian [...]

This is Your Stop

Oh no... they're trapped in an [...]

Past Examples

Our friend Merlin did this piece of Helena for us, go and see it, it's beautiful! Go like, RT and follow her! She's amazing And this is the HIMYM [...]