The Five 0′ Six

Some one-offs before starting the next arc! NO TIME FOR RESTING. (Also next thursday's one-off will be connected to this [...]

Artists Secrets


Me making me sad

This might have been inspired in real life events... I knew I couldn't afford it... Why did I apply? (You can switch World Cup Tickets with anything you wanted [...]

Survey Announcement

SURVEY LINK: CLOSED SURVEY LINK: CLOSED SURVEY LINK: CLOSED SURVEY LINK: CLOSED I know that, at the moment, the comic is not as big as it could be, [...]

Annoucement: No Strip Today

Hi! This week I have like 2 super important exams! So see ya'll on [...]

TV and Order… And Law… And Order

Couple of things. First, no, this isn´t an endorsement for Law & Order SVU, this strip was inspired in my personal experience with the show. I was [...]

Announcement: Updated Cast-Page

The new cast page is up! It's a new and better design, go watch it and tell me what you think! Is it cool? Is it rad? Does it has typos? (don't tell me that [...]

End Of Season 1

And here it is, the End of our first year. So all I want to do is thank, thank you for reading this webcomic, thank you for getting interested in this [...]

The Tree