What The World Needs Right Now

Another podcast I should have a Friends YASW podcast... The Friends YASW Podcast where I talk about... the... comic... yeah no. This strip is a [...]

Kitchen Adventures

Remember Pedro? Look it's him [...]

Baking Battle 2k20

Hi! remember to FOLLOW US ON TWITTER, we're so close to the 100 followers! Help us get there! And a quick reminder, we're Ursa Major Awards nominees! You [...]

Season 4 Announcement

JAN 6 JAN 6 JAN 6 JAN [...]

Audience Reactions

It's a good story that people find interesting, what can I say? That's Romulo's team btw, like, the Barcelona [...]

Bad Habit

Song: Sick Of Losing Soulmates by Dodie Clark And remember kids, don't smoke. Seriously. [...]

Business Shark

I know what you're all wondering, yes they work for the same company, Dom hooked Gareth [...]

Gaming With Headphones

Since Savestate isn't doing a comic about it... Also, could you please help us land a nomination for the Ursa Major Awards? All info [...]

Season 3 Announcement

JANUARY THE 4TH Then after that one, the comic will return to it's normal schedule of Monday and Thursdays! And, if there's something you'd like to see [...]

The Root Of All The Problems

LOOK IT'S TOBY! Remember Toby? No? He appeared once here! Also, it's the second time Jordi uses that lumberjack shirt! (I mean, he has used it a ton of times, [...]