Extended Family

The uncles, aunts and cousins don't matter, what matters is what grandma will think of you [...]

What The World Needs Right Now

Another podcast I should have a Friends YASW podcast... The Friends YASW Podcast where I talk about... the... comic... yeah no. This strip is a [...]

Kitchen Adventures

Remember Pedro? Look it's him [...]

Baking Battle 2k20

Hi! remember to FOLLOW US ON TWITTER, we're so close to the 100 followers! Help us get there! And a quick reminder, we're Ursa Major Awards nominees! You [...]

Season 4 Announcement

JAN 6 JAN 6 JAN 6 JAN [...]

Audience Reactions

It's a good story that people find interesting, what can I say? That's Romulo's team btw, like, the Barcelona [...]

Bad Habit

Song: Sick Of Losing Soulmates by Dodie Clark And remember kids, don't smoke. Seriously. [...]

Business Shark

I know what you're all wondering, yes they work for the same company, Dom hooked Gareth [...]

Gaming With Headphones

Since Savestate isn't doing a comic about it... Also, could you please help us land a nomination for the Ursa Major Awards? All info [...]

Season 3 Announcement

JANUARY THE 4TH Then after that one, the comic will return to it's normal schedule of Monday and Thursdays! And, if there's something you'd like to see [...]