One Petition

And thats a throwback to THIS moment that we saw on the story arc: The Eighth Floor. And as some of you called, this was another failed attempt of this [...]

Some Time Ago

It's flaaaashback [...]

Cartmill City’s Courthouse

See? The name of the arc is "The D.A.", the Disctrict Attorney! Now, who this person is to [...]

Is Dan Going To Jail?

No. He's not. With that said, this is the same lawsuit that appear in this strip, and Dan is talking about this instance when researching locations for his [...]

Legal Trouble

I wonder if this has to do with the thing Dom was discussing a fwe strips back... I wonder I [...]

Incoming Mails

And from this point on, we'll start the second part of this [...]

Vyper: Blue Jeans

O: It's finally revealed. (Had A LOT of fun drawing this strip hahah, I also love the updates where the whole main cast is [...]

How Domingo Lake Was Born

Dominic Low == Domingo [...]

The Alter Ego

Because "porn name" was a bit much to name this strip hahah... and Helena is on fire with her guesses, all misses [...]