Online Names

I mean... he did bought it for him [...]

Meeting New Friends

Do you remember how I said at the beginning of the arc I wanted to dig more into one relationship? This is that relationship hehehe Also, they're wearing [...]

Get Goin’

See? I can write cheap jokes as well. Also, sorry if the start of this arc has been a bit boring 😅😅😅, I ended up spending more strips than though in [...]

Editing Chores

To give you some context, Bayern Munich have won the German League for the last 10 years... yup, in row. Unless you're a Bayern fan, you pretty much hate them [...]

Online Friends

I can assure everyone that Jordi will not get viciously murdered... in this [...]

Just Enough People

What's better than one? [...]

The pelt

Alright! New arc! This will be a short one, nothing too fancy, I just wanted to... explore a relationship I wanted to dig more and now's the perfect time to do [...]