Convincing Answers (That You Must Not Dig Into Them)

Remember that Dom and Gareth work together, so that's why Dom would notice if something is [...]

Plan Number 7

while coloring I came to a realization, I think this is the first strip with all the dog-cast members and only them. Might be wrong, but I don't think so. And [...]

Ideas From The Outside

I think this is the first time I put like a full speech bubble in a characters [...]

Tense Times on The 8th Floor

How are they gonna survive each other? [...]

Quarantine Workouts

Look at my boy Romulo working out. Love that [...]

Troubled Dreams

What did he dream [...]

Silent Nights

A new arc starts. What could it possibly be about? We'll have to see... I really like that lockscreen, all me babyyyyy! Also one thing, some days ago [...]