Some Nights

Thanks for [...]

It’s Not As Simple

Remeber this strip? And this one? aaaanyway, I'm leaving now. One more strip for this arc to be [...]

Customer Service

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That’s The Guy

Good planning Gareth, now you don't have to ask [...]

Incognito Mode

Flashbaaaack. This strip is what we didn't saw in THIS STRIP. We only saw when Guy gives Gareth the product, now we see their first interaction. Guy's [...]

Stealth Mission

I highly recommend you to read the arc Memories again, some things may be addressed here. Also, tried something with the panels and lighting, what do you [...]

The Elephant in the Room

Well... that was a bit anti climatic... oh well let's [...]

This Screams Drama

Heeeey, so what do you think of the arc so far? Do you like? You don't? Is it too slow paced? It's fine? Nothing much happening? I'd love to hear your [...]

I Was Expecting You Mr Bond

Zoé as a Bond villian, she'd be [...]