Now You Listen To Me

Is it clear that they're in a bus stop? Cause they [...]

Happy Engagements

If you want to remember all that Alex-wedding thing, go back here and read the arc Don't B(r)other! (I'm still so proud of that [...]

That Was That

I didn't want to over use the gag Just to be SUPER CLEAR, this isn't the first time Jordi and Dan meet. They knew each other by [...]

Noir Memories

Of course it's a reference to Lackadaisy! Like the best graphic story about cats in the 1920's. If -for some reason- you haven't check them out, go and read [...]

The Obvious Answer

I reaaaaally love how the first panel ended up like, I wanted the city to feel alive. Hopefully I did [...]

Sleep Hours Are Important Hours

Remember that they live in the suburbs outside the [...]

Let’s Start This Tale

Stay home. Stay safe. And vote for us in the Ursa Major Awards! More info [...]

Real Questions Are Asked

That's what the arc is about! It's the story of how they ended up living there! This issue was adressed here and here in season 1, I think it is time for us to [...]

Alone Together in the Rooftop

Heeey, so I just wanted to say that take care of yourselfs. Don't go out unless you have to. Wash your hands properly, sneeze and cough according to the [...]