Technically Good Deeds

Look who's back!... He doesn't remember what was it like to have money [...]

Selling Point

Remember to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and on Instagram where we're uploading once a day until it reaches the [...]

Signing (Actually Begging For) The Fox

They're 6 versus 6 matches, but they need substitutions. Is... Is it clear that the jumping-high-five of the last panel was done in a sarcastic way? 'cause [...]

More Participants

In case you forgot who Rick is, he's Jordi's kind of nemesis? You can read more about it in this arc and in this one! Also he was named after Rick Griffin, a [...]

Collabs & Comebacks

Hi! I'm very happy to have the opportunity to cameo two very great and creative minds (and Youtubers) here in the comic universe. They're Foofi and Ludo, and [...]

You’ve Got Mail

Now, don't be like Jordi and don't ditch your class in the middle of it just because you got a pretty exciting mail. And don't worry about him, it's not the [...]

What Is Reality?

A new arc starts [...]