Just One Match More

Here's the thing, I decided to split this arc in two because I don't want to rush the things that will happen in the last game against Rick, so I decided to [...]

Field Studies

Remember, you can find us on twitter and Instagram! Give us a [...]

More Results


First Results Are In

By the way, right now the U-20 World Cup is happening in Poland, Costa Rica didn't qualify, but still is fun to [...]

Team Picture

Yes, they're the Eight-Floorers Football [...]

The Perks Of Having Contacts

Btw, this isn't the uniform that Danny design, it's a template from the brand. Also back in 2017 I made an "ad" of Romulo with this brand, go here if you want [...]

Uniforms And Last Places

This is Daniel's 100th Comic [...]

After First Practice

Yeah, Rick's in here [...]

First Practice

Ok ok, the team is complete. To the next [...]

Smoking Hot Texts

Remember, don't smoke. Bad for you but especially the [...]