You Had Your Turn

For this month incentive in the TWC you have to know this, in the FriendsYASW Universe  there are more characters that haven't been properly introduced yet, [...]

Brotherly Talk

Edit: I fixed something in the dialoge in the last panel [...]


In other news, I now have a FurAffinity account ! Although my full gallery is on my DeviantArt, i'll be uploading in FA too ! And if you have an account, you [...]

Not-So-Secret Motives




Formal Night


Salty Opinions


Escalated Quickly


Calling Names

Experimenting with panels over here ! And by the way, there´s a new incentive on  FYASW's TWC vote thing... So go, vote and see it [...]

Bad Communication

For this strip I tried to make a transition scene between where they were and their home, and I´m not sure if it is 100% clear... Maybe it is clear. Also [...]