On new news, we're now on Tumblr ! So if you're on tumblr you can FOLLOW US ! We'll be uploading the comic until it reaches where we are [...]

The Man From UNCLE


We Have Your Back

On other news, today is my birthday ! Yay to that ! [...]

A Trip To The Past

And with this, the third (and final) act of the arc... begins. HERE WE GO [...]

You Had Your Turn

For this month incentive in the TWC you have to know this, in the FriendsYASW Universe  there are more characters that haven't been properly introduced yet, [...]

Brotherly Talk

Edit: I fixed something in the dialoge in the last panel [...]

Spoiler Alert

And with that, the longest arc yet is over ! (In case you're wondering, in the last panel the one talking is [...]

Processing Time

So my vacations are over and tomorrow I start a new semester at college. Let's hope I can balance studies with comix [...]

The Best Ex