More Participants

In case you forgot who Rick is, he's Jordi's kind of nemesis? You can read more about it in this arc and in this one! Also he was named after Rick Griffin, a [...]

What Is Reality?

A new arc starts [...]

Don’t Tempt The Destiny

You have no idea how much I waited and wanted to introduce Anna. Thanks for reading PD: Next strip will be on monday. I'm [...]

Not Always For The Money

Why is Jordi the best one for understanding her? You can read the arc Twenty-Five and find [...]

Daughter & Father

Arc is coming to an eeeeeeeend, not quite yet tho. Not quite [...]

My Path


Good Shows

It is a pretty funny [...]

Third Party Opinions

You remember Becca's dad right? Long time no [...]

Top Dog


Two Very Important Lists

I love how all the viewing angles of this strip turned out [...]