Closed Business

Ihate when my favorite store [...]

Epligue: Interns

Do you recognize that coyote!?!?!? Thats Guy! Remeber him??? Anyway, I did start watching this series F1: Drive to survive, it's like a documentary [...]

Some Nights

Thanks for [...]

It’s Not As Simple

Remeber this strip? And this one? aaaanyway, I'm leaving now. One more strip for this arc to be [...]

Customer Service

Back to [...]

That’s The Guy

Good planning Gareth, now you don't have to ask [...]

Incognito Mode

Flashbaaaack. This strip is what we didn't saw in THIS STRIP. We only saw when Guy gives Gareth the product, now we see their first interaction. Guy's [...]

Stealth Mission

I highly recommend you to read the arc Memories again, some things may be addressed here. Also, tried something with the panels and lighting, what do you [...]


Gareth learned how not to look suspicious by looking as suspicious as possible. Thanks for [...]