Another Day Saved by the TV

Remeber Alex? Danny's brother? Yeeeah you do. This was the last time we saw them! Also, what is Dereck watching? Well Bluey of course! It's this australian [...]

Outdoor Family Activities

LOOK AT THAT BABY Also, for the first time ever we have a cameo! Two OC's of fellow artist Trendy, Trendy and Ashlee, make a nice appearance in panel 2, [...]

Responsible Use



Thanks for reading. [...]

That Time When

Throwback to this strip and it's follow up ! Also, only ONE strip left for this arc [...]

We Are On Our Way


The Man From UNCLE


Two Ways

Here's the censored version. I'll switch them [...]

The Reception

Disclaimer. Panel 5 was completely inspired and took reference on panel 4 of Housepets! April 10th, 2017 strip: Formula For Disaster. Go give'em some love [...]

Of Bows And Ties

Remember at the beginnig of the arc that I said that I was getting help writting this arc from my friend Charlie ? Well, this was brought by us. Thanks Charlie [...]