End Of Season 6

Thanks for [...]

Not Gonna Wait To Know

Well well well look at us. Six years have gone by, SIX! I'm so happy to be able to share this story of these characters. And I'm so happy that you like it as [...]

Jordi’s New News

So that's what he wanted to tell everyone... I mean, we already [...]

Invitations To The Pub

In panel 1, it's hard to see because Gareth's arm and tail fur color is the same, but he is hiding his left hand behind his [...]

Back To The Basics

I'd love to go back to that 19 year old kid who wanted to make a webcomic but he couldn't draw a line, and tell him that he'd be drawing 600 comic strips of [...]

More Days Of The Life

Just to be clear, in panel 10 he re-reads the mail he recieved on the previous [...]

Those Nights Are Not Over

Quite some time without him having this night episodes... at least this [...]


Oooohhh new mail --------------------- REUPLOAD: I decided to reupload the strip with a few changes so that maybe it's de more clearer that Gareth was not [...]

A Day In The Life

Montage [...]

What Do You Wanna Be When You Grow Up?

Really happy to finally show everyone something I had decided some years ago, like... 2020 to be more precise, the place to where I intend Jordi's arc to be [...]