Don’t Tempt The Destiny

You have no idea how much I waited and wanted to introduce Anna. Thanks for reading PD: Next strip will be on monday. I'm [...]

Not Always For The Money

Why is Jordi the best one for understanding her? You can read the arc Twenty-Five and find [...]

Daughter & Father

Arc is coming to an eeeeeeeend, not quite yet tho. Not quite [...]

My Path


Good Shows

It is a pretty funny [...]

Third Party Opinions

You remember Becca's dad right? Long time no [...]

Top Dog


Two Very Important Lists

I love how all the viewing angles of this strip turned out [...]

Don’t Ruin The Bar

Heeeeeeeey, I want to give a shout out to this comic I recently discovered called Bridge by Butchicky, it's a new webcomic which is just beginning. It's [...]

And The Stuff

Now, you may be asking "Why the heck is Jordi upset about who is Becca dating?", and the answer will be given in monday's update. Spoiler: there's no drama [...]